As the Post sees it, this story has got a little bit of everything: wolves, libations, trendy neighborhoods, ripped skirts, bitten legs, Galapagos, felony assault, and cigarette burns.
Police said: "He stuck his tongue into her mouth and she bit off a large portion of his tongue, which we recovered at the scene. There was an extreme amount of blood at the scene."
hunter.gatherer's flickr With the snow slowly melting into the crevices of
An interesting tidbit over at the NY Times, who interviewed with
While preparing to leave her New York home earlier this week,
Photo by John Del Signore/Gothamist A beer deliveryman dropping of Bud
Parvin Hajihossini After biting Queens woman Parvin Hajihossini in the face
Just as the Parks Department publicly pat themselves on the back
A Queens man was arrested for marijuana possession in New Hyde
A cleaning woman was arrested on assault charges after violently beating
A Queens man’s abuse to his 13-week-old daughter resulted in 17
Photo via laverrrue's flickr A police horse named Mr. Biggs is
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