According to a report in the Daily News, Trump's children Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka staged an intervention with him recently over his increasingly unhinged rants about Obama.
Check out the actual tweet below, lest it turns out Trump was drunk when he wrote it and he decides to delete it.
Speaking today before an adoring crowd in Commerce Township, Michigan, Mitt Romney cracked wise about President Obama's birth certificate.
Merchandising, merchandising...just wait till they release the long-form birth certificate flame thrower and coloring book set.
A newly-released copy of Obama's "long-form" birth certificate, which is stored
It's not just the fact that Obama was born outside the
Well, it looks like somebody just talked his way out of an
Bloomberg and Trump sharing a hot dog in 2007 (Photographs by
Crusading Obama hater and leading (at least according to the polls)
Donald Trump has been bragging about being bigger (financially, of course)
Usually when Donald Trump appears on the Today Show, it's to promote
Trump makes a Lil John sandwich with Nene Leakes This is
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