In New York City, Mount Sinai and New York-Presbyterian, two of the largest hospital networks, have prohibited support individuals from accompanying women into postpartum areas.
He wanted to give the driver 6 stars, but he's pretty sure he himself got 1 star.
With help from Port Authority police officers.
Rinat Dray says that she begged her obstetrician for a natural birth while in labor with her third son in 2011, but was given a C-section.
A woman going into labor collapsed in the crosswalk at 68th Street and 3rd Avenue and started giving birth right there in the street Monday afternoon.
One passenger said: "It's amazing. I didn't think stuff like that really happened in real life. I thought it was something that happened in TV and movies."
But really, if you had a choice, wouldn't you rather be born near Yankees Stadium than CitiField?
Early Wednesday morning, a little baby boy decided to escape his mother's womb a few days earlier than expected, and subsequently was greeted by the comforting face of Dr. Zizmor upon entering this world.
It's a baby battle for who was the new year's baby. But it's really a tie.
This baby's a real work of art.
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