The eagle, named Rover, has seemingly made a move from Brooklyn to Manhattan, drawing New Yorkers to Central Park.
"We want the lights to be on, we understand what an important memorial it is. When the birds are trapped and they're coming in low and exhausting their energy trapped in the beams, it's incredibly upsetting."
"It's a bloodbath," said Rita McMahon, the director of the Wild Bird Fund, of the condo at the corner of Central Park West and 110th Street.
The Christmas Bird Count is used for trend data revealing the way bird populations in one area change over time.
The governor called the prevention of bird deaths a 'laudatory pursuit' but raised concerns about the potential costs of setting up a council to address the issue.
A new study released by the National Audubon Society shows two-thirds of North American bird species are at risk.
Somewhere between 90,000 and 230,000 birds die each year in New York City after colliding with glass buildings.
A bird brawl broke out around 5 p.m. on Tuesday.
The council may require builders to use bird-safe glass and/or window coatings in new construction projects.
This winged creature does not look like a New Yorker, but it's been spotted in Central Park.
A red-tailed hawk tumbled from an aerial battle Tuesday morning, crashing into a restaurant's window and sustaining a mild concussion.
It's not 'Mandarin Duck-level rare' but it's pretty unusual!
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