Bird strike

"It's a bloodbath," said Rita McMahon, the director of the Wild Bird Fund, of the condo at the corner of Central Park West and 110th Street.
A JetBlue plane bound for West Palm Beach, Florida, was forced to land at JFK this morning after striking a flock of birds.
Photos show blood on the dented engine.
A JetBlue flight bound for Florida ran into a bit of a messy goose problem as it took off from Westchester County Airport last night.
A man aboard a Delta flight out of JFK yesterday afternoon decided to videotape the takeoff with his iPad, and managed to capture harrowing footage of the bird strike that forced an emergency landing.
A passenger said, "Landing was fine but we burnt the brakes and wheels... It was calm on the plane but once in the terminal, people were crying and hugging."
Birds really love killing themselves—and plane engines—near area airports.
A Delta Boeing 767 Though all 193 passengers and 11 crew
A Moscow-bound Delta flight had a scare this evening after a
A 2009 Post cover Are Canada geese fighting back at the
The Post, which called war on Canada geese earlier this year
In June the Port Authority announced a plan to kill 2,000
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