April 22nd marks the start International Dark Sky Week, a reminder that light pollution has impacts on human health, animals, plants and climate change.
State-first sightings are a big deal to birders, and this one set the avian world atwitter.
The Department of Transportation will allow three companies to drop 3,000 scooters in Eastchester, Coop-City and Morris Park.
These tiny and adorable shorebirds make their home at beaches in the Rockaways, Jacob Riis, and Fort Tilden.
'Hopefully, long term, e-scooters will prove themselves in the outer boroughs, and we've seen in other states and cities where they’ve have operated and replaced car trips at significant rates.'
Listen, I've never seen Game of Thrones, but I truly believe this bird deserves the Iron Throne.
A redtail hawk alighted on a Manhattan minivan, snarling traffic as pedestrians stopped to ogle at its beauty.
It's 'Decision: AWWW' time!
There are only 5,000, and they are mostly in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada.
Concerned citizens wanted this cat captured before it killed the Painted Bunting.
And, because it's Friday, an unrelated story.
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