Billy bush

It also appears that the person who leaked the recording was Bush's best friend.
A contrite Bush said he doesn't think the 'pussy grabbing' remarks qualify as locker room talk.
It was Billy's job to be a sexist jerk, a lawyer argues.
NBC staffers had been planning a surprise party for Bush before the tape was leaked. Surprise!
Bush was supposedly crying when he realized the tape was out, though.
A source close to the Today show said, "How are any of the women going to be expected to work with him?"
"What I am doing is apple-a-gizing to all the people who were offended by my statements. But more importantly, to the people who were turned on by them. I hear it's really 50/50," he said.
Remove this man from the news.
Due to the Writer's Guild of America strike, Hollywood's party, the
After last year's mess of an awards show and this year's joke
Did anyone see Tim Gunn on Late Night with Conan O'Brien last
It's Oscar Night and Gothamist is here. Tonight, it'll be a joint
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