Three of the bills passed by the City Council on Tuesday require annual reporting on storefront vacancies, the business environment, and specific tracking of mom-and-pop shops.
For all the leftward exertions, the power of moderation also remained strong, with various intra-party forces pulling the Democrat-controlled legislature back to the center.
After winning control of state government for the first time in over a decade, Democratic lawmakers flexed their muscle by wrapping up what many were calling a historic year of legislative accomplishments.
The presence of the contractors suggested a new front in the opposition to rent reform, and, according to housing activists, are part of a concerted strategy by real estate interests.
The package of 17 bills were inspired by a New York Times series that exposed a broken system of housing regulations.
Con Ed's electricity rates are at their highest in five years.
Tourists: if they're not getting ripped off or attacked by hammer-wielding locals, then they're probably bringing a loaded gun to the Empire State Building.
A Brooklyn cyclist who got hit by a cop car was flabbergasted to find a bill for repairs in his mailbox four months after the collision.
This Redditor got a bill for over $500 (as you can see below) because "they didn't send someone to read the meters in my building." In the end, she had it adjusted to $73.
In the latest example of a corporation trying nickel and diming its customers, the telecom giant has announced a new "$2 payment convenience fee" for people who, well, want to pay their bill.
The Jets have had a week and a half to think about suffering two losses in the span of 96 hours.
The Buffalo Bills sit in first place in the AFC East division, and this week's game in Orchard Park, N.Y., may be as important as the home game against New England next week.
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