Billionaires row

Trump Tower was one of the first Manhattan buildings to sell large numbers of units to anonymous LLCs.
At 131 stories and 1,550 feet, the luxury residential tower will be the second tallest structure in the U.S.
The foreclosure is happening after the shell company that bought the apartment didn't pay back a $35.3 million mortgage in time.
A soft super luxury market means that an LLC trying to flip a condo at one of New York's most-hated buildings will do so at a loss. We'll take it.
But this isn't necessarily good news for you and me.
Midtown will soon look like a pincushion, and each new tower will be just one among a series of spikes, instead of its own monolith to oil baron wealth.
Unless your name is Mr. Burns or Jeff Bezos, you probably will never step inside the most expensive rental unit in NYC.
Ready or not, something really tall is coming.
The future is going to be very skinny.
Let's be exact: they spent $100,471,452.77 on the apartment, making it the most expensive single-family home purchase in NYC history.
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