Paulson "remembered going to Bethesda Fountain as a teenager and seeing it covered in graffiti, with no water flowing."
he biggest billionaire is Carlos Slim, the Mexican mobile phone mogul (and NY Times lender), whose net worth is $68.5 billion.
"People forget that I was 18 when I said that! That was 11 years ago."
It only took three hours for donors to come up with $250,000, which Bloomberg matched.
Apparently seven people have been charged.
How does a billionaire mayor decorate his New York and London townhouses? Well, think gilded furniture, six-figure sconces, a mix of Old Masters and pop art and maybe a little animal print.
Russian billionaire and Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has much bigger ambitions than watching Deron Williams sink threes: "I think I am capable of doing the tasks of the prime minister."
If your 80-year-old billionaire activist investor boyfriend promises you a Manhattan apartment but ends up giving it to another woman—and tells you this over pillow talk—you should sue him, right?
Raj Rajaratnam heading to court this morning (AP) After nearly two
There's a lot of things we could debate about Donald Trump:
Billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein Billionaire investor Jeffrey Epstein was recently
How the other side lives: Hedge fund billionaire Paul Jones Tudor
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