Bill thompson

De Blasio gets the backing of another rival.
Thompson is still annoyed that the Board of Elections hasn't completed canvassing.
Sources say Bill Thompson will concede this morning.
Bill de Blasio attended an event for Al Sharpton's National Action Network earlier today, at which Sharpton praised the candidate's successful message for transcending mere "identity politics."
Bill Thompson has until midnight tonight to drop out of the race, and it looks like that's not going to happen.
Even Thompson's pal Al Sharpton wants him to end his campaign.
There are 19,000 paper ballots out there.
It's unclear whether he can avoid a runoff at this point.
They also had some voting problems.
We're officially back to the future—the lever machines are here!
Who should be the next resident of Gracie Mansion?
de Blasio has 36% to Quinn and Thompson's 20% apiece.
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