Bill murray

"Bill was as nice and down to Earth as you would expect," he added. "There are not many big time celebs that would be do something like that. People were so excited to see him."
Murray went out of his way to emphasize the final lines of "America" for pointed effect: "Immigrant goes to America. Many hellos in America. Nobody knows in America. Puerto Rico’s in America."
Here's a rundown of Murray's ever move from his night on West 52nd Street.
At the annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge last Monday, Bill Murray was the talk of the town.
The whole Classic may be canceled, too.
Reading poetry and making surprise appearances at weddings can only take up so many hours in a day—so what else has Murray been occupying himself with?
Finally, the strippers-at-a-bachelorette party with a 'Weekend at Bernie's' twist sketch we've been waiting for.
The River Styx reboot features food from former Extra Fancy chef Sean Telo, who's doing seafood, pizzas and a steak tartare served in a marrow bone.
Offered a glass of tequila from a pink plastic cup, Murray demurred. "I've already done four shots," he said apologetically. He'd been in the room less than five minutes.
You'll have to try your luck in the wild.
Everyone on the Internet has been indoctrinated into the cult without even drinking any Kool-Aid.
Saint Bill Murray stars in his own Christmas special, and now there's a parody vinyl commercial to accompany it.
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