Bill hader

'When I hear my name three times, I appear like a Goomba Beetlejuice!'
Bill Hader made a triumphant return to SNL last night in an excellent episode featuring lots of returning sketches and characters.
Stefon (Bill Hader), Amy Poehler, Andy Samberg, and Gov. Paterson (Fred Armisen) all returned for Meyer's last episode behind the desk at Studio 8H. Watch below.
Spitzer said, "There's no reason, no justification, no good explanation for it."
An audience pandering to Justin Bieber collides with an incredibly surreal unaired SNL sketch to create "the greatest trainwreck ever."
Ben Affleck was the affable host, but last night's excellent season finale of "Saturday Night Live" belonged to Bill Hader and Fred Armisen, two heavyweight performers who announced this week they were leaving the show.
Lorne Michaels says that Hader reminded him of Dan Ackroyd.
Lonely Island's Jorma Taccone was born this way... naked, that is. Watch as he busts a nude move in front of Lady Gaga backstage at SNL.
Image Courtesy of the Blog White Lightning The rollout of Eliot
If you missed Saturday Night Live this weekend, you're in luck.
With Tina Fey gone from the writers' staff to primetimier pastures
Huge 360 view of the scene Celebs in really long
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