Bill deblasio

As a result of the pandemic, nearly a third of the roughly 5,400 people currently held in city jails have been waiting more than a year for a trial.
City officials said 95% of NYC public school staff had gotten at least one COVID shot by Monday — 18,000 of them over the past 10 days.
A review by WNYC/Gothamist of hacked records appears to tie several law enforcement officers and public officials in New York to a far-right militia linked with the attack on U.S. Capitol in January. Mayor de Blasio's office has announced an investigation.
Mayor de Blasio says all adults in public schools now have until Friday at 5 p.m. to get a COVID shot or they’ll be replaced on Monday.
Twelve people have died in city jails so far this year. Data shows judges have contributed to the swelling detainee population. An analysis by Gothamist/WNYC and New York Focus shows who the top judges are.
The city says it’ll spend the next month helping owners acclimate to the new requirement, which could ensure many — but not all — indoor patrons are vaccinated against COVID.
Advocates say that this era of falling crime and decarceration calls for a major reassignment of resources.
Bloomberg says paid sick leave will ruin everything, almost.
Just because July Fourth has come and gone doesn't mean people have forgotten how Macy's once again turned its back on much of New York City. Never forget.
Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio is defending your right to buy seltzer, matzo and kosher goodies imported from Israel at the Park Slope Food Co-op.
Local pols led by Bill de Blasio have joined together to form the 5 Stop Fan Club: “These extra five stops are a lifeline that Brooklyn residents and small businesses have come to depend on."
When local elections come around, so do candidates' posters attached to
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