Bill clinton

Please, a moment of your time to revisit a burning legal hypothetical.
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had vastly differently attitudes in their last-minute pleas to voters this morning.
Clinton aides wore many hats and made a lot of money while steering clients to the Clintons.
Operation Race To The Bottom wanted to embarrass Bill Clinton.
It appears that 'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's parents hosted the Clintons.
Clinton took direct aim at the "Bernie Bros" during a campaign rally in New Hampshire.
Clinton called Trump a "master brander" and "the most interesting character out there."
Take a stroll around "The Experience," which brought neighborhood legends like Melba's together with newcomers like Red Rooster and Seasoned Vegan.
Yes, William Jefferson Clinton may very well turn out to be the potato chip peacemaker NYC needs right now.
The most important grandchild of a potential presidential candidate EVER.
The NY Post sent their own love letter to the happy family on the front cover today.
The future presidential candidate's birth was announced earlier this morning.
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