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Judge orders PBA President Pat Lynch and the supervising sergeant on the scene at Garner’s death to testify/

“Our first objective here is to get some answers about what happened in this specific case, but the bigger purpose here is to put city officials on notice that when they fail to fulfill their duties, citizens are going to hold them accountable."

For a working-class person of color like me, Broken Windows is nowhere near history.

As the NYPD slows arrests for fare evasion, neighborhoods of color remain a target.

"It's the worst I've ever seen," a lawyer focused on cyclist advocacy tells us.

Police stopped releasing disciplinary decisions last spring, which the NYPD's top legal official claims is "not a change."

Friends and family members of the two young Brooklynites killed at J'Ouvert remembered them as kind, ambitious, and innocent.

De Blasio said he wouldn't consider cancelling J'Ouvert until doing a "full review."

Thousands of NYPD officers, dozens of cameras, hundreds of lights, and many community members will work to contain crime at Sunday night's J'Ouvert party.

"I believe very much in going back and studying what happened and seeing what we can learn from it, and that's what should be done with JFK."