Similar bills have passed in Oregon, California, New Hampshire and Vermont. Colorado passed an immunity bill last week.
A new $3 trillion stimulus bill introduced this week by Democrats in the House of Representatives could mean that Cuomo may get his way on cutting Medicaid.
In announcing his bill on Monday, state Senator Brad Hoylman cited multiple troubling reports of the NYPD's use of facial recognition.
'We won’t wait to do the right thing.'
The governor called the prevention of bird deaths a 'laudatory pursuit' but raised concerns about the potential costs of setting up a council to address the issue.
A political battle is brewing over a City Council plan to remedy New York City's empty storefront crisis by capping commercial rents.
For small business activists, commercial rent control has long been seen as the holy grail.
'It’s about providing economic opportunities for our city’s smallest businesses and most vulnerable New Yorkers.'
Commercial landlords will be prohibited from harassing small business owners based on their age, race, gender and immigration status.
The legislation would give hostels their own classification and establish a regulatory agency for them.
Across the country, civil liberties groups have been raising scrutiny on facial recognition, a largely unregulated and easily accessible software that has seen its application widen over the years.
The state legislature's agreement does contain some interesting new provisions for all tenants, ranging on issues from security deposits to eviction proceedings.
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