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'It's something we want to take a look at, how we're responding to it. What sort of enforcement we're going to do.'

'Hopefully, long term, e-scooters will prove themselves in the outer boroughs, and we've seen in other states and cities where they’ve have operated and replaced car trips at significant rates.'

The winding prehistory of the bicycle in New York City, and what happened next, is the subject of a fascinating new exhibit opening tomorrow at the Museum of the City of New York.

Police officers issued 669 e-bike tickets, 1,383 moving violations, and seized 910 e-bikes in 2018, according to the NYPD. Just 210 businesses were given citations for using e-bikes.

It is with great dismay that we announce that Mayor de Bike-i-o finally succumbed to the vicious vipers that run the Bike Lobby on Friday, June 13th

Two days after cars were officially banned from Central Park, a cyclist was injured in an early-morning collision with a garbage truck driver.

"Every day in New York City, millions of commuters take part in a giant race to determine transportation supremacy."

The 17th Annual Bicycle Film Festival returns to NYC next week with over 50 short and feature length films from over 25 countries.

The City Reliquary threw its 11th Annual Bike Fetish block party in Williamsburg yesterday afternoon, with a solid turnout of BMXers, tricked-out Schwinns, and fixie gangs.

One pedestrian has been killed and 13 people injured this year in the four block stretch on Canal right off of the bridge—none of those people were killed by cyclists, and none were cyclists.