Since its installation earlier this month, the Centre Street bike lane has been perpetually blocked by vehicles with NYPD and police union placards.
Darwin Durazno, a resident of Corona, Queens, was biking south on College Point Boulevard last Friday when he was hit by the driver of a Toyota Camry.
The northern expansion of Citi Bike is set to begin on May 4th, and will include more than 100 new stations by the end of July, according to a Lyft spokesperson.
Every day is Empty NYC Day, and it's important to remember that this barrenness is, more than anything, a reassuring sign that people are taking the threat seriously.
The proposal would eliminate a precedent long cited by local district attorneys as justification for letting killer drivers walk free.
"It's a bike lane, stupid."
On Monday, Streetsblog reporter Julianne Cuba came upon three cops ticketing cyclists at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge.
Ten miles of shiny new protected bike lanes will be added to the borough in 2020, according to the city.
"It's unbelievable that the NYPD, given this video and those statutes, has this knee jerk response of stating 'no criminality suspected.'"
But most city councilmembers weren't around to hear the revelation.
A new study out of Hunter College offers a rare statistical window into the pervasive problem.
Time and time again we have asked the people at Lyft: Where have all the e-bikes gone? Time and time again, they have said: nothing.
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