Bike share

Today, a Brooklyn-based startup deployed 1,000 street-legal mopeds across Brooklyn and Queens.
The juice is gonna cost you: $2 per e-bike ride, starting on April 27th.
Oysters and ribbed mussels were spotted Barnacle Bike.
Can you undock a Citi Bike that is being held together by 'held together with rust and barnacles'? Yes, we can confirm that you can.
Citi Bike is doubling its service area and more than tripling the size of its fleet over the next five years.
It's legal for scooter purveyors to simply spring their wares on cities without warning.
Revel intends the mopeds for use on intraborough trips of around three to four miles which is about twice the average for Citi Bikes.
A new, dockless era of commercialized bike sharing dawned in our city this past weekend. Here's everything you need to know.
A rep said it was safe to assume that surge pricing will not be incorporated into Citi Bike's model.
Following a cease and desist letter from the city, Spin agreed to halt their plans to begin operations in the city on Monday.
Spin, a dockless bike share company, will debut with 300 bikes total in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Rockaway next week.
There are about 60,000 Citi Bikes rides each day.
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