Bike safety

With its new Shared Streets initiative, the Department of Transportation has redesigned a span of Broadway, curtailing vehicle traffic and adding new protected space for bikers and pedestrians.
Rather than save lives, cycling advocates see a mandatory helmet law as something that will only make decrease bike use and make streets less safe for cyclists.
The most frustrating thing about being a cyclist in New York City isn't the weather, the thieves, the potholes, or even the drivers...
Traffic fatalities hit a record low in 2014, but cyclist fatalities went up. Is the city doing enough to expand cycling infrastructure?
More New Yorkers are commuting by bicycle than ever, and if you've been considering joining their ranks, the lovely spring weather beckons! Here are some helpful safety tips.
The NYPD has amended their initial determination that the driver's actions exhibited "no criminality," and have given him summons for failure to signal and failure to exercise due care.
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