Bike nyc

At a press conference on Tuesday, Eric Adams pledged to ride a bike to and from City Hall if elected mayor.
Cyclists took more than 630,000 rides on Citi Bike last week, smashing an all time record for the eight-year-old bike share program.
This is the first installment of One Issue Explainers, where we'll break down where mayoral candidates stand on issues concerning New Yorkers.
The toughest part of riding in the cold is making the decision to ride in the first place.
The city Department of Transportation has offered neither timeline for a renewal of the project nor an official explanation for the delays.
'I'm going to use whatever means necessary to stop you, and that's for your safety,' the officer tells the stunned cyclist, drawing laughs and disbelief from a gathered crowd.
Advocates, politicians, experts and others will talk bike lanes vs. parking spaces, e-bikes, delivery guys, Citi Bike and more.
'Our sweet Subaru has become a community board for neighborhood messages, with grumpy cyclists sounding off, and empathetic passersby showing support.'
'This car predates the bike lane. It was parked here before the city put in the lane (check the paint). Please be understanding.'
The driver of a for-hire vehicle struck a cyclist in lower Manhattan on Friday morning in what appeared to be a intentional ramming, according to one witness.
"I think the police need to be looking for the murderer and not ticketing bicyclists."
They'll also give free bottles of water to cyclists wearing a helmet!
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