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Mayor Eric Adams set ambitious goals for bus lanes and new protected bike lanes while campaigning for mayor. Both already appear out of reach.

The city DOT is experimenting with a new type of barrier.

A fleet of mini-plows will get their first test this weekend, with as much as a foot of snow expected.

Since its installation earlier this month, the Centre Street bike lane has been perpetually blocked by vehicles with NYPD and police union placards.

"This is a big step toward continuing to grow Citi Bike’s role as a truly regional bike share program that meets the first- and last-mile commute needs of New Jersey residents, who often have bikeshare transportation needs on both sides of the Hudson."

On Thursday afternoon, the Department of Sanitation said that 95% of bike lanes had been cleared, but that does not mean they are cleared for long, as drivers, property owners, and more plows move the snow around the streetscape.

The poll of 805 New Yorkers was designed to resemble the city’s electorate; 64% reported owning a car, and just 30% said they rode a bike in the last month.

Alternate side parking is suspended for continued snow removal and 600 workers are working to clear pedestrian areas and bike lanes.

"There are spots along this path that lead you straight into the side of parked car. It’s bizarre."