Bike lane

The new infrastructure isn't just popular with existing bike commuters; it seems to be inducing more trips over the East River in total.
The inner-most Manhattan-bound lane will become a bike lane.
"It's a bike lane, stupid."
Like a Phoenix rising from the sooty exhaust pipe of a double-parked car, the Dyckman Street bike lane is back once again.
Kenneth Squire, a 53-year-old resident of the 25 Central Park West building, alleged the condo board's lawsuit "came as a complete surprise to the residents and unit owners of the Century Condominium."
Investigators had not yet determined whether the cyclist was stationary or moving at the time of the collision.
The city Department of Transportation has offered neither timeline for a renewal of the project nor an official explanation for the delays.
The new bike lane will stretch from 59th Street to 110th Street and will be separated from traffic by plastic bollards and a seven foot buffer.
An elderly cyclist was killed by a hit-and-run-driver while riding in a bike lane near Times Square on Monday, police said.
'It's the business community valuing patrons' ability to double park over the safe passage of people on bikes.'
'Our sweet Subaru has become a community board for neighborhood messages, with grumpy cyclists sounding off, and empathetic passersby showing support.'
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