Big soda

A new report in the Times claims the soda industry seems to be starting to crumble at last.
The Mayor has been meeting with industry execs to reach a compromise regarding the contested legislation.
A low-calorie drink without mysterious lab residue? Sounds like Coca-Cola really cares about its consumers! Not.
NYC wants the Court of Appeals to expedite the appeal.
With the soda ban down for the count, the time has come to figure out what happened, what happens next and who the big losers are.
With only days to go until Nanny Bloomberg's ban on large sugary drinks kicks in, everybody is scrambling.
Selling soda "isn't quite as good as selling drugs, but it's close," declared one firm supporter of Bloomberg's proposal to ban big soda.
The battle for your soda begins in earnest today when the Board of Health holds its public hearing on the Mayor's plan to ban sugary drinks in most city stores.
With the first public hearing on Mayor Bloomberg's proposed large sugary drink ban coming tomorrow, the propaganda is ratcheting up.
Bloomberg isn't amused by Big Soda's tactics.
Apparently Big Soda was able to find the poor man's Ed Burns for its new ad.
"This is New York City; no one tells us what neighborhood to live in or what team to root for."
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