Big nicks

Demetrios 'Big Nick' Imirziades, better known as the founder, longtime owner and namesake of iconic Upper West Side mainstay Big Nick's Burger and Pizza Joint, died on Wednesday
At least it's not a bank!
The new tenant is apparently in keeping with the hotel's goal of "updating and standardizing" its storefronts.
A fitting film farewell to another New York City institution fading into history.
And so ends an era.
Big Nick's Burger and Pizza Joint, the Upper West Side's bastion of post-boozing burgers, subs and slices, might be forced to shutter due to a rent hike of over $200,000 a year.
To celebrate 50 years on the Upper West Side, Big Nick's Burger Joint is rolling back its prices on Wednesday to 1962 levels!
GQ's Alan Richman gives props to his five favorite burgers in the
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