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In his decision, DHCR's deputy commissioner Woody Pascal asserted that the state has a right to consider privacy when it comes to allowing changes in building services.

The apps are double agents providing advertisers with frighteningly detailed information on your daily whereabouts, for profit.

The NYPD says it'll be used for things like search & rescue missions, crime scene documentation, and large gatherings, but the NYCLU wonders what defines large gatherings and how long the data will be retained.

Visiting Bryant Park from now on means turning your phone's location data over to a data firm that will use it to sell sponsorships for events in the park.

"New Yorkers' private online activities shouldn't be used to create a massive database that's within the ready grasp of the NYPD."

The devices allow the interception of data from anyone's cellphone in the vicinity.

New software "enables the NYPD to learn intimate details about people's lives with a click of a mouse."

Big (Advertising) Brother is going to have to be more stealth.

A new billboard advertisement on West Broadway just south of Canal has a cryptic message for you: "Your data should belong to the NSA.

A Long Island woman says police searched her house and interrogated her husband because her family had used home computers to search Google for pressure cookers and backpacks.