Bicyclist fatality

In what has turned out to be an especially deadly year for bikers and pedestrians, Jose Ramos is at least the 15th cyclist killed this year by drivers.
Witnesses say that the bicyclist was rear-ended by the driver.
An off-duty MTA officer helped nab the driver.
Surveillance video shows two cars barreling into the cyclist.
An SUV driver tried to pass two bicyclists when the boat he was towing became detached and crushed them.
The driver, as he fled, hit another car a block away.
A cyclist was killed this morning at the same intersection where two other cyclists have died since 2012.
It's more than likely the driver will be charged.
"Based on the location he was found and that there wasn't much damage to his bike, [the detectives] said that he was probably clipped by a truck."
62-year-old Postal Worker Ian Clement has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident after he fatally struck Marilyn Dershowitz this past summer.
The driver who fatally struck a bicyclist on West 29th Street—and kept driving—probably won't face criminal charges.
A MTA bus and a delivery man on a bicycle collided
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