The incident happened Monday evening in Far Rockaway.
The driver was fleeing police when he went north—against traffic—on Seventh Avenue at 34th Street.
The driver did not stay at the scene.
A witness said the cyclist's scalp was "left in the glass" of the windshield.
The driver also ran a red light.
He was fatally struck by a 17-year-old, who was reportedly trying to avoid a pedi-cab and may have swerved into the pedestrian lane.
Will they be blocking the bike lane to hand out tickets?
"He was laying on the floor for about 15 minutes with his head bleeding until they carried him off."
According to police, the collision occurred in the bike lane.
Responders found him in cardiac arrest.
Kidman was heard saying, "I wanna get his name and press charges."
The incident happened in the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn.
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