The city tracked cyclists crossing DOT-owned bridges, the Manhattan, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Queensboro, and Pulaski bridges, as well as Prospect Park West and Kent Avenue bike lanes.
“I'm in the business of letting people down,” said one local bike shop worker, as the pandemic continues to interrupt the global supply chain.
The cyclist says one cop told him he was "making it worse for himself" by insisting on providing his side of the story.
One witness says the force of the crash shattered the bike into hundreds of pieces.
The driver stayed at the scene and was not charged.
A cyclist was killed this morning at the same intersection where two other cyclists have died since 2012.
The incident happened in Astoria.
Police have identified the bike-riding suspect who allegedly shot a 9-year-old girl in the Bronx on Friday night.
A nine-year-old girl was shot by a gunman on a bicycle in the Bronx last night.
A woman was hit first by a westbound livery cab on East 125th Street, then another traveling east.
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