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Police believe a 28-year-old man lodged racist insults and sucker punched two women in separate incidents across Queens.

A woman reportedly claimed "I don't want to sit next to black people" before slashing a man in his face Sunday night.

"Communities that are affected by police violence have a hard time trusting the police when things like this happen."

A 21-year-old Muslim woman was repeatedly attacked Sunday at a Midtown Dunkin' Donuts.

"I don't know why Yasmin lied about what happened, but I know that for some reason she thought that making up the story was going to get her out of some trouble."

Seweid told police that the men attempted to remove her hijab, called her a terrorist, and repeatedly shouted "Donald Trump!" at her.

"Hate crimes is still looking into it, but it looks like it may not be bias-related," an NYPD spokeswoman says.

The woman was window-shopping outside of the Valentino boutique on Fifth Avenue Saturday night when she was set on fire without warning.

The Hate Crimes Task Force has been assigned to the case.