Better out than in

Happy Banksyversary!
Banksy talks about last year's NYC residency in this 2.5 minute video.
Below, find out what's left of Banksy around town.
A look back at all 31 Banksy pieces from his Better Out Than In residency, all power ranked by our own Jake Dobkin.
This guy stole two stuffed animals off Banksy's Sirens of the Lambs truck, and attempted to steal the balloons today.
Banksy hit the Yankee Stadium area... now we just have one day left!
Banksy painted a Nazi soldier into the painting at Housing Works.
Yesterday's Banksy will live forever on this guy's arm.
Banksy's latest piece is in Coney Island!
For life and death are one!
Here's your chance to own a Banksy: the truck owner wants to sell it to the highest bidder. "I can replace the truck, it doesn't have value to me—but it has value to someone else."
Banksy's newest piece is an "alternative New York bumper slogan" on a truck somewhere in Sunset Park: "The grumpier you are the more assholes you meet."
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