There's no kind of bet like a drunken bet.
The bet also involves hot dogs.
According to the Post's trusty 16-year-old sources, Eric Arty seduced Warning as part of a $500 bet with friends—and now is regretting the bet: "I really started feelin' for the shorty," he reportedly said.
“It was a bet with a group of his friends...They gave him the $500 [pot],’’ referring to Arty and four friends who wagered over who could hook up with their teacher first.
Mayor Bloomberg has won cheese curds from Green Bay and sourdough bread from San Francisco, but for the Super Bowl bet with Boston, he's giving his stomach a break.
“I have a feeling that Victor Cruz will be dancing in the end zone and the Giants will be putting the Packers’ Super Bowl dreams to rest just like they did four years ago."
How much you spend on a cube of authentic NYC trash? Some people are spending $50 and more!
A former BET producer is suing the network, claiming she was
DJ Megatron Yesterday, 106 & Park host and HOT 97 personality
The Men and Ladies of Envy Some pro tips for tourists
Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter was in the Bronx on Friday, to
Uh oh, what did Diddy do now. The rapper accidentally tossed
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