Bernie madoff

His $65 billion scheme went undetected for years, and harmed the lives of tens of thousands of people.
"I’m terminally ill," he told the Washington Post.
"Even at the end of the day, so much about the Madoff affair remains enigmatic, and we wanted to tell the story in fragments."
Charles Murphy was once a defendant in a lawsuit from victims of Bernie Madoff.
She's only 4 foot 6.
"It has always been our position that Mr. Van Hise engaged in fantasy role play with Mr. Valle and many others," one lawyer told the Post.
Let it be known: one man alone cannot pull off the largest Ponzi scheme in history, swindling investors across the country out of $20 billion.
He was temporarily transferred out of prison for hospital treatment.
New allegations surfaced this week that Madoff had been involved in a love triangle with one of five Madoff Securities workers who are currently on trial for their roles in the $65 billion Ponzi scheme.
“I am profoundly sorry that my failures have let so many people down, including my own loved ones and family," Madoff said in court yesterday.
The 23 year-old son of Bernie Madoff's accountant was found dead on Thursday, and reports allege that he shot himself.
This gives Peter Madoff ten years to save up for a $2.25 subway swipe.
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