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Kerik was convicted of tax fraud and lying to the White House in 2010.

"The police can do their job, but when the thugs try to take over the community, the police have to act and do whatever they have to do to keep the peace."

Albert Manzo says he's catering the welcome home bash, "He loves our short ribs, shrimp scampi -- a lot of things he doesn't have access to there."

Fans of schadenfreude had lots to enjoy when former police commissioner and current federal-prison inmate Bernie Kerik appeared in court yesterday.

Bernard Kerik, the disgraced NYPD Commissioner under Rudy Giuliani, will not

Photograph by Choice Royce on Flickr Back in 2007, former Harper

Yesterday Facebook took down Sarah Palin's Facebook post about the proposed

Kerik on the Real Housewives of New Jersey Today's the day

Ah, the good old days. (Kerik's Flickr) On May 17th, disgraced