Bermuda high

By tomorrow the Bermuda high will have pushed a deep layer of hot, humid, subtropical air our way.
It is the tale of two weather systems this weekend as a Canadian High gives way to the Bermuda High.
Warmer weather is on the way as the city will be in the grips of the Bermuda High by Friday.
The Bermuda High bringing the summer weather will still be here tomorrow but it may face stiff competition from a strong sea breeze.
The last five days have averaged eight degrees cooler than normal, but much warmer weather is imminent as a warm front pushes through the city today.
July was two distinct months in terms of temperature. For the
beach day by kate / for me, for you on Flickr
sunset by Digiart2001 on Flickr. Cool, cloudy weather got you down
Flying Low by EssG on Gothamist Contribute Today's weather is shaping
US surface weather map from When Gothamist glanced at the
Might we just say that Gothamist really dislikes this muggy weather. Normally
Here's a fascinating fact for impressing your friends this evening. At 8
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