Bergen county

Gov. Phil Murphy says New York's high concentration is likely to lead to more monkeypox cases in the Garden State.
The arrests come as immigration attorneys allege that ICE has “disappeared” its clients from the jail.
Bergen County Jail’s ICE unit, which has the highest COVID rate among NYC-area ICE detention centers, was as high as 71 percent over capacity late last year.
The controversial issue of Democratic counties getting paid to jail ICE detainees boiled over into skirmishes in New Jersey this weekend.
"I've been consistent throughout," the mayor said. "If anyone does an event in town, we bill them."
"It gives him a very real opportunity to fight for his family reunification."
"Black gang members from Teaneck commit burglaries in Wyckoff. That’s why we check out suspicious black people in white neighborhoods."
Parents had rallied against her, and someone egged her family's house.
The rally is happening this afternoon.
"The school only has a right to regulate conduct when it has an impact on the orderly operation of the school," one ACLU attorney argues.
There was a fight-threat assist in there too.
He was 78 years old.
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