Officer Yvonne Wu was charged with murder and attempted murder after shooting her ex and fatally shooting her ex's new girlfriend.
The event was seen as a feat for a local community center serving Russian-speaking Holocaust survivors.
The four-year-old victim was pronounced dead at Maimonides Hospital, while the 6-year-old remains in critical condition.
The fire may have been connected to a gas leak.
A Brooklyn woman was arrested for slapping a 71-year-old driver in the face this morning, after the reckless senior crashed her car into a Bensonhurst deli.
The driver was heading west on Stillwell and turned right onto Bay Parkway when he hit the senior citizen.
The racist remarks were spray painted on a number of Bensonhurst locations.
Two NYPD officers helped a woman give birth after she went into labor in her car near the 62nd precinct stationhouse.
The suspect was robbing a family of eight, including a baby, in a Bensonhurst home.
They'll be opening up in Bensonhurst on 86th Street.
Some Brooklyn residents are up in arms this week about a neighbor who leaves fish out to dry on a clothesline.
The suspect kissed the victim's neck.
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