Benevolent association

Miguel Feliz, 28, was an unwitting victim in Sunday night's crash.
And by "you," we mean New York's Finest. Reader Graham tipped
First, some fire fighters' unions spoke out against presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani.
Jose Rivera, who shot at a car full of undercover cops, hitting
The two detectives who were shot during an early morning Bronx shootout
A police officer has filed a lawsuit against the police department, accusing
About 14% of new police recruits have dropped out of the latest
Yesterday, the three men charged with first-degree murder of police officer Russel
One of the saddest images from yesterday were the parents of slain
The Friday night shooting of an unarmed driver in the Bronx
Late Friday night, a confrontation between an off-duty police officer and a
The Daily News reports that "scarecrow cars" are being used by
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