Ben brantley

It's almost unheard of to attend an evening of theater without
While accepting the best supporting actor prize from the New York
In Samuel Beckett’s 1961 play Happy Days, a decidedly upbeat woman named
The most exciting story in New York theater this year had nothing
Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks’s latest big-budget musical theater beast – rumored to
So since the whole country united around the television set on Sunday
Gothamist's favorite unwitting chicken owner and the NY Times's former chief restaurant
Gothamist thought last week's reviews for the new Broadway show Dracula, The
With a rapturous review from the NY Times's Ben Brantley, the Lincoln
Gothamist went to see Avenue Q - aka "the puppet musical"
Possibly the coolest thing to do between now and July 27 is
It's July 4th, Independence Day. There are lots of activities in the
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