Belvedere castle

The castle began as an open-air terrace, went on to become a weather station, and is now reopening to the public following its latest restoration.
Cool weather will ease only slightly today as there's an east wind off the ocean.
Tourists: if they're not being put into headlocks in Bed-Stuy, then they're probably falling off Belvedere Castle in Central Park. Which is exactly what happened to Christian Lopez today.
A man described by the FDNY press office as "middle-age" fell off Belvedere Castle in Central Park yesterday, breaking an ankle and sustaining a "mild head injury." And it was all for a broad.
Sometimes the forecast doesn't quite work out as expected. More accurately, sometimes
Did you see the snow this morning? Light snow, drizzle and fog
October is starting off with a continuation of September's trend of quiet
Google turns five this month, five months old since opening its
The Central Park Conservancy, the private, non-profit organization that manages the
After a mostly pleasant weekend the heat and humidity are back! This
Yesterday saw a weather double-triple. High temperatures reached 100 degrees at LaGuardia
The NY Sun has a great article about a few of
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