Bellevue hospital

“He’s nervous but he isn’t in control and has to deal with it."
Epstein committed suicide in a jail in Manhattan, but officials are reportedly worried Weinstein could attempt to end his life in Rikers.
"I personally felt like he's a very good actor," accuser Louisette Geiss said. "This is a man who knows how to manipulate the press."
At least two people on the NYC Safe list have been involuntarily hospitalized without the assent of psychiatrists.
Police claim he wrote, "did a buck fifty on somebody near Third Ave. [ON E. 6th ST.]"
"At Bellevue you just look at someone wrong and they shoot you up."
Following news that the city may be facing its second Ebola patient in less than a week, Mayor Bill de Blasio urged residents during a mid-morning press conference to please refrain from panicking.
Spencer noted that he has received "about 200 calls from reporters and 300 emails," but hasn't had an opportunity to respond yet: "When you have Ebola, not the best way to spend your time."
One woman reportedly faked having a stroke to get out of working there.
A doctor who returned from treating Ebola patients in Africa to NYC in recent weeks has been hospitalized with Ebola-like symptoms.
The Sobriety Garden, created in 1989, was long considered a sanctuary on the hospital's grounds—or at least, it was, before someone summarily beheaded the carefully created dogs, lions and pigs that adorned it.
She allegedly tried to climb through a taxi window before the driver sped off.
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