Watchdogs have found that patients on the psychiatric units at Bellevue are restrained, held in seclusion, and forcibly injected with sedatives at dramatically higher rates than patients at other public hospitals in the city.
"As you can see, Dr. Spencer is a very huggable guy," Mayor de Blasio said.
It's unclear if Spencer will be returning to his Hamilton Heights apartment.
A team of "disease detectives" have begun tracing all the patient's contacts "to identify anyone who may be at potential risk."
Police initially said he might be albino, but it seems he's just a methadone patient at Bellevue.
The victim works at a halal cart.
He was arrested and taken to Bellevue for psychiatric evaluation, where we assume he'll explain he was just trying to find Andy Bernard's cell phone.
Bellevue, which housed the city's main psychiatric unit, has been closed since its electricity failed during the storm, along with NYU Langone Medical Center's main facility, Coney Island Hospital and Manhattan's Veterans Affairs Hospital.
Lorinda Klein, a spokeswoman for NYU Langone Medical Center, said this morning that the hospital did not know yet why the generators failed.
"In short, I was heavily intoxicated, under a great deal of stress, and completely blacked out. I woke up the next morning in complete shock."
Hernandez may be on suicide watch.
Jereme Rogers was reportedly arrested and taken to Bellevue today after going on an angel dust-fueled rampage through the Afinia Shelburn Hotel this morning.
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