State Senator Jeffery Klein called it an "outrageous situation, parents using their kids as human placards to panhandle to get money."
A group of women have reportedly been using children as props in a panhandling scheme around Manhattan.
Governor Cuomo is not afraid to beg when it comes to getting his message out on social media.
It is hard out there for an indie bookstore. Some seem to be doing fine, some seem to think it is everyone else's job to bail them out, and some, sadly, are closing.
If it's any consolation Cuomo, at least you still have 18,000+ more followers than a certain bat-wielding Buffalo real estate millionaire and failed Gubernatorial candidate.
The so-called "Weed Man" of Times Square has filed a lawsuit against the city alleging that they have continually and illegally harshed his mellow right to beg.
Mindy LeGrand, a.k.a begging nun "Sister Milindia," is being sought by
Little Italy visitors, beware! Your supposed generosity towards the city's orphans
From the NY Times The New York Public Library has a
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