After eight years of relocating lost bees, Officer Darren Mays has retired.
"Meat bees" prey on honey bees, and have allegedly been swarming visitors to Isham Park.
An exterminator killed a swarm of bees that gathered onto a microphone at Petco Park.
While the bees have been contained for now, we have reached peak swarm season.
You can watch a live stream of this bee-autiful police sting as it unfolds.
Such behavior, according to bee experts, is highly unusual, and almost unprecedented for the region.
At least they got some honey out of the deal though.
The building is home to the headquarters of Vox Media.
He thinks his anti-bee neighbors ought to buzz off!
About 15,000 bees tried to make a home outside a playground in the Bronx, but Tony Bees saved the day.
Fourty percent of species of bees and butterflies now face extinction.
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