"I’ve seen some of my older customers that I haven't seen in a solid year return to the bar because they got vaccinated."
"I didn't bring any of the kitchen staff in, but I'm cooking tater tots to go with every order. So everybody gets tater tots and a cocktail if they order."
In addition, whether the establishment is delivering via Seamless, another third party or their own delivery person, that deliverer must have a copy of the liquor license with them.
New York has one of the lowest beer taxes in the country.
Zum Schneider will close its Avenue C location by the end of February.
Blue Point is releasing a beer this spring marketed specifically for beleaguered commuters.
The two-day festival continues today on Governors Island with Nile Rodgers, Yo La Tengo, and Flaming Lips
Wine ice cream is already legal, and now a bill to legalize beer ice cream awaits the governor's signature.
Their signature "Beer ATM" will offer pours of 24 different beers, including some brewed on-site.
All located conveniently off I-95 or one of Connecticut's commuter rail lines.
In its 13 years in NYC, the Red Hook-based brewery has never sold beer directly to customers from its facility.
Here are some of the best spots for celebrating in the city, from traditional beer halls to local breweries.
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