He thinks his anti-bee neighbors ought to buzz off!
Chen has been accused of diluting his honey with corn syrup in order to sell more than half a ton of it to a bakery for $6,000.
Beekeeping in New York City is undoubtedly popular these now that it is legal but this is just unbeelievable!
The Waldorf-Astoria New York has recently installed beehives on its roof, with plants to harvest its own honey and help pollinate plants in midtown.
“Preventing bees from swarming is like preventing teenagers from having sex,” said Tim O’Neal of Borough Bees. “You can say, ‘Hey, this is a bad idea’...but ultimately it’s up to the bees.”
When transporting your bees, bee sure to bee careful you don't get stung by slippery fingers.
A swarm of bees settled in on a mailbox in Little Italy this afternoon.
When there is something buzzing in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? The Bee Rescue Team!
It's finally happened! After decades of secret beekeeping, city apiarists can
Though it’s not the most glamorous of the environmental issues, colony
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