Bedford union armory

Tuesday marked the latest step in the lengthy land review process for the controversial development.
"Lower-income people have absolutely nowhere to go."
The Brooklyn Borough President also called for all of the affordable units to be made permanently affordable.
This week in activism, from climate advocacy meetings to pizza party fundraisers to town halls on local development plans.
Some said the city's continued support of the project is particularly frustrating in light of the drive to open new homeless shelters in Crown Heights.
Activists chanted "kill the deal" at the meeting to discuss the site's future.
One skeptic said the move was akin to "putting a Band-Aid on a tumor."
"We need to translate this into a promise to vote 'no' and restart the process in a way that's more democratic," argues one of the project's opponents.
A City Hall source said that the administration took "active steps" to push Slate out of the project.
"We're going to take a very hard look at that situation."
Officials announced today that the sprawling Crown Heights building will soon become 500,000-square-feet worth of housing and commercial space, to include a recreational facility, community event center and office space.
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