Is the agency's faulty pest control process to blame?
Bedbugs: 1; Commuters: 0
He reportedly doused his car in rubbing alcohol and then lit a cigarette.
This has been a very unpleasant month full of subway bedbug sightings.
For the love of plasma keep those things out of our halls of justice!
If you begged Santa to bring you a way to brutally murder every single vicious little bedbug in your apartment for Christmas, you might be in luck.
This time they found them in a locker in "the men's executive locker room," where it was probably feasting on the blood of some hedge fund manager.
Have you have wanted to watch a video of bedbugs scurrying around furniture or see a female bedbug with lots of "baby bedbugs"? If you do, have your barf bag ready.
Fresh meat at the Reebok Sports Club Last week bedbugs were
Skyline photo via Bluejake, photoshop by Sarah Bibi A new study
After a city bed bug expert announced he had seen bed bugs
There's something comforting about knowing that most of the time, if
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