Bed bugs

The #1 American destination for bedbugs may surprise you!
One City Councilmember is hoping legislation can help boot the unwelcome critters from the movies.
This week's question comes from a New Yorker who is considering buying a mattress on Craigslist.
"Although she has no bites, I don't want the risk of her dropping any eggs or whatever at my place."
"I know every hotel can get them. I wasn't faulting the Kitano. I was faulting the manager's response to us."
Two bed bugs were discovered inside City Hall this week.
We made you a meme.
Scientists have managed to map the genome of the common bed bug, revealing some fun things about the little suckers.
Even the hotel manager was apparently "trembling, covering his mouth" when he saw the mattress filled with bugs.
This is the Blair Witch Project of bedbug videos.
Here is a grim reminder that no one—not even Patricia Clarkson, not even you—is immune to the vagaries of nature.
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